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October 14 2012

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What Keeps the Modern Method Auction on the Top

The undisputed fact remains that the Modern Method Auction system introduced by us at iam-sold.co.uk.  Those who experienced the dealings through our website have no hesitation in leaving behind the conventional system of sale of property.  The uncertainty of the best price and wasteful expenditure and valuable time is a history if a transaction is carried out through i am-sold transactions.  No fear of unfair price since there is no possibility of buyers forming a cartel to mar the best price to the seller. The unique and innovative process of auction coupled with the customer-friendly operations comprise:


Assistance by the company in evaluation of property

Base price is arrived by the seller

Agreement with us for sale

Marketing of property also by the company

Updates of the prospective buyers sent to the seller

Desired buyer indicates the price bid

Entry is online for 30 days or the price bid is accepted

Non-refundable Buyer Deposit

Once finalized, the buyer remits higher of £5,000 or 3.5% of property value towards agency fee

Time period of 28 days  for Reservation Contract

Sale Deed registration done in further 28 days


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What Attracts the Seller

Free evaluation of property without obligations

No cartel in bidding

No commission from the seller

Online details of bids and “views”

Assured true market value for the property

Assigned time schedule for the Reservation contract

Security of non-refundable deposit


Direct Benefits to the Buyer

Open-ended bidding by any buyer

Bidding at your convenience 24 x 7 online

No rip off price

Totally process transparent

Transactions with motivated sellers

Schedule your date for moving into the property

Lower amount of commission

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Satisfied Clientele of Modern Method Auction

Our area of operation is concentrated in the entire United Kingdom and also the Ireland.  The customer support we extend to the clients include training in IT and also marketing the auction process.  There are no upfront costs and the volume of buyers is unlimited through online auction method.


The i am-sold auction process is very transparent and comprehensive auction house and passed the test of more than 3000 satisfied customers during the year 2011.  When the most convenient modern method auction is available, who wants to waste the time, energy and money in opting for the conventional method of sale and yet does not have the satisfaction of a better price for the property deal.


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